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We are trying to use natural or organic fabrics to create products that enriches the environment and improves conditions for farmers.

The people making our products, the materials we use, our impact on the climate and how we contribute to culture and society. These goals we can easily set a roadmap to, like making sure our packaging to be recycled and trying to make as little wastage as possible – no single use plastic! One of the reasons we decided to make locally was to reduce the carbon foot print. We of course are learning daily on what we can do best.

Organic farming works with nature, instead of against it. The techniques use significantly less water as the crops are mainly rain-fed instead of irrigated.

Our cloth bags

Our cloth bags are designed to be re-used. Some of our customers use them for travel purposes to organise their clothing or to be used as a laundry bag for used clothing.

Our packaging

We use 100% recycled paper for our mailing bags. They are the best overall source material (recycled, renewable, regenerative). We have decided not to use card board boxes and limit the amount of packaging material that may be discarded as single use. We are working towards solutions that are reducing this impact. Here are some of the positives of our packaging;


  • Renewable material that strengthens the land and soil when grown.
  • EcoEnclose options are 100% Recycled, up to 97% Post-Consumer
  • Curbside recyclable and easily recycled
  • Compostable (all paper mailers utilize polymer-based adhesives and inks that leave small contamination in soil so recycling is preferred to composting)
  • Marine biodegradable