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Growing up I was always interested in packaging and kept single use packages from products I thought were innovative and creative. It was only really at St Martins (where I studied Product Design) that I explored this in more detail.

After some years I enrolled on a course at Cordwainers (part of The London College of Fashion) to learn more about accessories and constructions. It was a very ‘hands on’ course and I was continually learning new skills.  

I have been lucky enough to design for some fantastic brands alongside some great teams.  I am more of a designer than maker, however I have also spent some time working as a sample maker in leather goods in a factory in East London. Here I picked up several skills, including the understanding of how a manufacturer operates - you can create a really beautiful bag in the sample room but it might well be a complete failure if the cost of production is too high.  I once asked a friend, who was working at the time for a high end luxury brand, who his customer was. He replied ‘someone who does not look at a price tag’.  This did not really interest me, as. I really enjoy the challenge of making sure that goods have a realistic price point, yet are still beautifully designed and made, are functional, innovative, versatile, long-lasting and of course environmentally friendly. I want my business to incorporate these key principles. 

When I decided to include Leather Goods into the range it was important to me that they were from a sustainable source, so I chose to work with naturally tanned leather rather than ‘chrome leather’ which is the more commonly used leather involving chemical tanning.  I wanted to work with traditional British artisan leather makers. and to challenge the working model of manufacturing by designing differently. 

When I was designing bags for the British brand, Cath Kidston, I often went up to customers in the street to ask them why they had bought their products. Their answer was always the same – firstly the print, secondly the practicality. This is what I am driven by as a designer – solving problems in order to deliver a more useful product. 

I have always been interested in travelling and exploring new places and this has  inspired me when designing new bags and accessories. I want to create goods that make your journeys easier.   

It would be great to know how you use my products. Please use our hashtag  #mmjourneys or drop me an email.