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Below are some commonly asked questions. We hope these might help you, if you would like further assistance please email

Ordering goods

I have placed an order online but have not received and email confirmation?

Please first check your junk email folder as from time to time it tends to go into this folder. If this is not the case please could you email  

Are postage fees included in the price shown on the product pages?

Postage fees are not included in the price. They will be added to the price at checkout. These will depend on which country you are shipping the goods too.

Exchange of goods

Can I exchange my goods for something else on the website?

If you are exchanging something for a lesser value we will refund the difference. If you would like to exchange it for goods with a higher value you will need to request a refund on the original order and place a new order for the replacement goods of higher value. We will refund your original purchase as soon as we receive the goods back.

How long will it take to send out my exchanged goods?

We receive returns daily (Monday – Friday). You should allow up to 10 working days for your return to be processed from the date you sent the products back to us. It may take longer to process during sale or Christmas periods.   

About our goods

Where can I shop in store for goods?

Unfortunately we do not current have any brick-or-mortor stores. Please see our stockists list, as some of these may have physical stores you can visit. 

If you like a style but would like to see it in a chosen colour?

We will do our upmost to make sure you are happy and if you like a style on our website but would like to see if in a particular colour that is not shown we may be able to accommodate you. Please email  and we will do our best to try and help you.

Making of goods

Where are your goods made?

All our goods are currently made within the UK, working with local artisans and craft men and women to the highest standards.

Why are the goods made in the UK?  

We decided to have the manufacturing in the UK to be able to work with artisan and craft men and women to have learnt the trade through generations. 

We are trying to make our supply chain as sustainable as possible. Choosing close to home can also benefit to reduce carbon footprint. Goods sometimes go through great lengths to get transformed into a final object. We want to try and reduce this impact that other brands create.

Are your goods handmade?

Our goods are made by local artisans and craft men and women. Some of the techniques used go back generations. There are machines used throughout the making process as this enables to maker to create with care and attention to details. Where specified goods are made by hand with needles and thread.

Am I able to change my recently purchased goods so that they fit my needs better?

We are not able to fix all your needs so they fit better, however if you would like your detachable strap to have a few extra holes in it for example then please email your request and we do our best to meet your needs.

Care for your goods

How can I care for my goods?

Please visit our Care for your goods page. If you would still like further advice please do email us with pictures if applicable to help your enquiry. 

How can I repair my goods?

Please kindly look at our repairs page on our website for additional information. If your goods need to be repaired through use or your usage may have changed and need additional holes in the straps etc please email with an outline of the what you would like. Please supply pictures to speed up the process. 

Why are each of the goods colour or textures slightly different? 

The colours or textures of our goods may be slightly different to your friends goods due to the leather skin being natural and uses natural dyes and this may vary when stood next to each other. Not all of the goods at Mister Morton London are the same. There may be variations or colour, texture and thickness. 

My pen has leaked all over my goods. Is there anything I can do?

This unfortunately is extremely difficult to remove. Best would be to email us pictures of the area and we can advise, but there is no guarantee we will be able to help.

My denim jeans seem to have transferred colour to the goods, Is there anything I can do to fix this?

All our leathers are naturally dyed and often come without any surface coating so there could be a chance that strong dyed items like jeans or other pieces of clothing might transfer onto the surface. 

The colour of my goods have changed, why is this?

The colour may fade if goods are in direct sunlight. All our leathers are natural and may change over time through their use.

My goods have got water marks on them, how can I fix this?

The leather will naturally absorb the water and over time and the water marks will fade with age as the leather builds up its own resistance.