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We choose our materials responsibly with the respect of nature. We design for our goods to last over time. 

Our leathers:

Our leathers are sourced and chosen responsibly, with the upmost care and attention to be sustainable and used as a by product of the food cycle. Our leathers are naturally dyed and tanned from oldest and most environmentally friendly method of tanning. The tanning process for vegetable tanned leathers evolves natural dyes like fruits, vegetables and leaves rather than chemicals like chrome leathers. No two leathers goods will ever look the same.

Over time the natural leathers change in colour and feel and each product may feel completely unique and different, this can give the goods its true luxurious feel that is individual to only you. 

Some of our seasonal leathers might be less environmentally friendly but we are transparent about this in the product detail section for the item. Some of our leathers may come from dead stock supply. 

Our fabrics:

Our fabrics vary from year to year, but we always try and make sure they stand the test of time. When we decide on fabrics for bags and small accessories we try to make them water resistant to with stand the environment outside. We try to only use natural or organic cotton and any synthetic materials to contain recycled fibres. 

Our hardware:

Wear possible we choose solid brass or nickel hardware, as plated goods may wear away over time.