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1. Sunrise walks

Getting up earlier is a struggle in the winter but recently I've been getting up to walk with a friend before sunrise along Hackney Marshes. Being in the sunlight helps balance serotonin activity, increases melatonin production, balances your circadian rhythm, and increases vitamin D levels, which can lead to an improved emotional state.


2. Excersise

Getting outside daily, even for a few minutes a day, can make a huge impact on your mood and help target the specific symptoms of SAD related to a lack of daylight. Physical activity has been shown to boost mood, decrease the symptoms of depression, and reduce stress.


3. Eating well

I personally think home cooked food is way better for you than precooked or restaurant food. This could be the belief that one gets to see what goes into the food. Not everyone can afford organic but we should all be able to eat nutritious healthy food from time to time.

By adding more protein to your with breakfast, lunch, and dinner can enhance mood and prevent sugar and carb cravings later in the day. Also, including foods high in vitamin D such as fatty fish, fish oil, and vitamin D fortified foods like milk, orange juice, breakfast cereal, yogurt, and other food sources can help balance mood.

4. Alcohol reduction

Dry January - A nice change to this in February is to try and only drink on the weekends or two days a week. There are now so many places that serve non-alcoholic drinks which are perfect in this situation.


5.  Sleep

Sleep is a huge component of mood. Try following a simple bedtime routine that signals rest, such as taking a bath, turning down the lights, or drinking a cup of herbal tea. Don’t use electronics in your bedroom.Try leaving your devices in the lounge and buy a separate alarm clock.


6. Friends

When you are dealing with the winter blues, finding a way to spend time with supportive people is key to boosting your mood. This may include walks outdoors, talking on the phone, or coffee dates.

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