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Have you have read our Introduction series #1 about Steve making the Press knives? 

This series is a collection of pictures that I took of the final products next to their press knives. Each knife has been hand made using steel that is bent around the pattern. This process allows items to be cut out quicker and more precise (see Introduction series 3).

The press knives can be used over and over again.

I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Grace Leather key cover

This press knife only cuts out the main body of the Grace Key cover, the other sections are all cut by hand.

Jesse Leather AirPods case

For the Jesse Leather AirPods case I wanted to create a product that I could reduce the making costs of British manufacturing as they are quite high compared to other countries. The main body of this product simply folds up and the other section allows the AirPods to be pulled out of the case. The larger knife is quite big and might be seen that there would be a lot of wasted leather, but this is not the case, as I carefully use the spaces in between this knife with other knifes for different products.

Toby Leather coin wallet

When I was designing the pattern for the Toby Leather coin wallet I tried to create a pattern reduced wastage of the leather when cutting, as well as making it use as few knives as possible. The gusset section (which can be seen as the smallest knife) I designed it so that it works both ways to further reduce the amount of knives needed - I mean the more knives used costs go up!

 Jacob Leather Credit Card Wallet

For the Jacob Leather Credit Card Wallet I tried to re use the same knives from the Toby Coin Wallet to reduce extra costs. But can you guess which ones? 

Our Rowan Leather phone case is based off the same idea as our Jesse AirPods case. Although this time I decided to add a stitch on the back to make it more structured and one stitch it only a little bit of extra labour. I designed the middle section to be the same as our Jesse case to allow you to pull out your mobile phone whenever you need it. 

 Francis Leather sunglasses case

The Francis Leather sunglasses case was the original design that I started with. This style has no stitching and is the first product in the Naked collection - naked without a stitch on! It is just one single piece of leather that folds together, there is only a sam Browne that works as a closure. 

Now you know a bit more about the tools that go into the products. I hope you liked this post -  if you have any suggestions or would like to hear about something else id love to hear from you - drop me an email!

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